Top 5 Mizuno Softball Gloves

Mizuno is a Japanese sports equipment and sportswear company, founded by Rihachi Mizuno in Osaka in 1906.  Since 1913, Mizuno has been crafting distinctive softball and baseball gloves that have been met with acclaim from players worldwide.  With operation centers spanning the globe, and new factories opening in Germany, France, China, Scotland, and Hong Kong, Mizuno is a brand with a considerable international presence.

This global corporation continues to garner respect for its enduring line of top-quality softball and baseball products and remains a perennial favorite amongst ball enthusiasts in every country.  Read on to discover the top 5 softball gloves available from Mizuno today.

1. Mizuno MVP Prime GXS50PF2 Women’s Fastpitch Softball Catcher’s Mitt

Mizuno MVP Prime GXS50PF2 34Designed specifically for female fastpitch softball players, the Mizuno MVP Prime makes a bold statement on the field with its sheened black leather body accented with gold trim. The #1 selling Mizuno glove on Amazon, the MVP Prime is a perfect balance of form and function.

Featuring a center pocket design pattern that provides optimum break-in capabilities along with patented “Bio-Soft Leather,” this glove dispenses an unparalleled level of control appreciated by softball professionals and enthusiasts alike. Another expert feature of this glove is the V-Flex Notch, which provides less restriction in the hinge and facilitates easier opening and closing of the glove.

Along with the Parashock/Palm Pad which provides optimum levels of impact absorption for limited levels of sting and shock, the V-Flex Notch supports the needs of serious softball players by facilitating skill, accuracy, and speed, while also providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Be sure to check out the vertically laced heel which allows players to customize flex points within the heel of the glove, along with the professional level lace that is the exact same lace offered in professional level gloves.

Price $79.95 for left handed throw and $84.95 for right handed throw
Product Measurements 34”
Product Weight 1 pound


  • Professional-style smooth leather finish provides superior feel and control
  • Center pocket design pattern for optimum level of break-in
  • V-Flex notch with less hinge restriction for ease of opening/closing glove
  • Vertically laced heel with professional level lace
  • Power Lock for an exceptional fit
  • Parashock/Palm pad gives greater level of impact absorption for less sting


  • Glove is initially stiff and requires continuous use to break-in
  • Sizing is best for smaller-handed adults

2. Mizuno MVP GXS58 Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt

Mizuno MVP Fastpitch GloveThe MVP GSX58 Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt is the #2 best-selling glove from Mizuno on Amazon.  Similar to the Mizuno MVP Prime GXS50PF2, the MVP GSX58 fastpitch catcher’s mitt encompasses the ideal counterbalance of well-oiled softness for impeccable feel and firm control for speed and accuracy.

With its classic styling and boldly eye-catching red color, this glove contains a litany of features that seasoned and professional softball players can truly appreciate.  Bio Throwback leather provides the glove with a soft and pebbled body that is easy to break-in.  The breaking-in process is further assisted by Mizuno’s Center Pocket Design.

Thoughtful design elements like the Ultra Soft Palm Liner and Parashock Palm Pad provide elevated hand protection from sting and shock.  A Double Hinge Heel affords maximum versatility for softball catchers with its wider pocket access.  Other premium performance features of this glove include the V-Flex Notch, PowerLock strap for wrists, and FlexBridge backing.

Price $93.95 for left handed throw and $90.86 for right handed throw
Product Measurements 34”
Product Weight 1 pound


  • PowerLock Wrist Strap and closure
  • V-Flex Notch
  • FlexBridge Backing
  • Bio Throwback Leather for easy breaking-in process
  • Double hinge heel for wider pocket access
  • Center pocket design


  • Right handed throw glove option is pricier

3. Mizuno Franchise GXS90F2 Fastpitch Softball Catcher’s Mitt

Mizuno Franchise GXS90F2 34Designed specifically for the female ball player, this glove holds the position as the #3 top selling glove from Mizuno on Amazon.  Featuring Java leather, HiLo lacing, a Parashock Palm Pad, PowerLock functionality, patented Quickform lace, and a V-Flex Notch, this glove has all the bells and whistles for the most serious and seasoned of softball players.

Java leather is durable, and long-lasting pre-oiled tumbled leather that provides game-ready play and optimum breaking-in functionality.  HiLo lacing provides unparalleled levels of flexibility with its alternating lace web pattern.  The Parashock Palm Pad is a mainstay on many of the Mizuno glove models and provides maximum levels of shock absorption from catching speeding balls.

This glove features an additional Parashock Plus Palm Pad for even greater levels of sting reduction.  Designed to deaden the ball at impact, the Parashock Plus Palm Pad features an Ortholite Parashock construction.

The V-Flex Notch design feature affords an easier facilitation in theopening and closing of the glove, and the Double Hinge Heel provides a widened pocket that perfectly accommodates the larger size of softballs.

Price $69.39 for left handed throw and $64.95 for right handed throw
Product Measurements 34”
Product Weight 1.1 pounds


  • Affordable pricing with wide variety of features
  • Special Java leather is soft, pre-oiled, and provides game-ready play
  • PowerLock capability provides secure fit
  • Parashock Plus Palm Pad affords maximum shock absorption


  • Fits small to medium sized hands best
  • Glove is initially stiff and requires some breaking-in

4. Mizuno Samurai GXS31T Softball Mitt

Mizuno Samurai GXS31TThe aptly named Mizuno Samurai GXS31T is a sleek and sexy softball glove with an eye-appealing monochromatic look and copious amounts of functionality that softball enthusiasts everywhere will enjoy.

The highest priced glove featured in this article, the Mizuno Samurai is the crème de la crème of softball mitt offerings from Mizuno.  Crafted from premium materials and packed full of design features that even the most serious of softball players will appreciate, the Mizuno Samurai is a force to be reckoned with.

Found in this glove are features that are mainstays in many of Mizuno’s other offerings, such as a ParaShock palm pad, PowerLock closure.  Unlike other gloves from Mizuno, however, a luxuriously supple deerskin palm liner within the body of this glove bestows its wearer with unparalleled softness and durability.  This glove also features cutting-edge thumb protection safety for players engaging in high levels of serious game-play.

Price $189.99 for left handed and right handed throw
Product Measurements 34”
Product Weight 1.1 pounds


  • Top of the line premium option from Mizuno
  • Luxuriouslysupple deerskin lining gives maximum softness and padding
  • Highest quality leather
  • Sleek monochromatic styling
  • Contains all the other best features of Mizuno gloves plus added luxury touches
  • Thumb protection technology for ultimate safety


  • Requires a breaking-in process

5. Mizuno GXC28 Classic Pro Softball Mitt

Mizuno GXC28 Classic Pro SoftFeaturing a classic and vintage aesthetic, the rugged Mizuno GXC28 is constructed from rich-looking, pre-oiled leather that offers the perfect marriage of form and function.

Designed to maintain its shape over time, the Mizuno GXC28 is made from what Mizuno calls “Bio Throwback leather,” which is necessarily soft but simultaneously hardy enough for serious competitive game-play.  Serious players will also appreciate the glove interior’s Ultra Soft Pro Liner that affords unmatched comfort and luxurious feel. The GXC28 is distinct from other Mizuno offerings due to its exceptionally deep glove pocket.

Ensuring the perfect catch every time, this deep-pocketed glove is truly the perfect encompassment of technology and craftsmanship.  A unique Roll Welting design function further distinguishes this glove from other Mizuno offerings and bestows the wearer of the glove with increased levels of structure, support, and durability.

Price $159.95 for left handed throw and right handed throw
Product Measurements 34”
Product Weight 1.3 pounds


  • Distinctive Roll Welting for increased structure and support
  • Ultra Soft Pro Liner gives luxurious feel and high level of comfort
  • Deep-pocketed design for the perfect catch every time
  • Fully closed web back
  • Unique Throwback leather;rich and rugged for long-lasting durability


  • Heavyweight glove
  • Thick leather requires intensive breaking-in process

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