5 Best Catchers Mitts for Softball Players

Softball is a game that requires the skill, speed, accuracy, and dexterity at all positions on the field.  Undoubtedly, however, it is the position of catcher that proves to be the most difficult and challenging.

Oftentimes the smartest player on the field, any good catcher needs to have a thorough understanding of how to read the pitchers throwing to them, in addition to understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the players on the opposition.  A catcher fills a physically demanding position with copious amounts of stress on the back and knees, as they must remain in a squatting position for as many hours as the game requires.

During the game, a catcher must be fearless in their ability to face down balls coming at them at dangerously high speeds.  However, the hazards don’t end there.  A catcher must also deal with home plate, collisions, the back-swing of batters, and countless foul tips, in addition to being able to dive at a moment’s notice to catch a wild pitch.

While a catcher has many responsibilities, of particular importance is their ability to catch fast-moving balls with skill and accuracy consistently.  Through expert glove-work, speed, agility, and the utmost levels of eye and hand coordination, a catcher will catch speeding incoming balls with ease and dexterity.  The right glove, however, can make a world of difference.  Catchers must have the best softball glove possible to help assist them in their all-important role.  Read on below to find out about some of the best catcher’s mitts available on the market today.

1. Easton Synergy Fastpitch Series Catcher’s Mitt

Easton Synergy FastpitchOfficially the overall best-selling softball catcher’s mitt on Amazon; the Easton Synergy Fastpitch is both affordable and high-quality.

Made for serious softball players and enthusiasts, the Synergy Fastpitch is constructed from lightweight and flexible JPro cowhide leather that is oil-tanned and tumbled.

Thoughtful details are abundant throughout this glove.  Safety features include a cutting-edge VRS shock-resistant Palm Pad that offers maximum impact protection, in addition to a Sponge-Tricot Finger Lining and Lock Down adjustable Velcro wrist strap.

Price $59.39 for left handed throw and $59.95 for right handed throw
Product Measurements 33”
Product Weight 1 pound


  • Very affordable
  • Oil-tanned and tumbled JPro cowhide leather
  • VRS shock-resistant Palm Pad
  • Sponge-Tricot Finger Lining
  • Lock Down adjustable Velcro wrist strap


  • Requires breaking-in process

Louisville Slugger Omah2. Louisville Slugger Omaha Select Catcher’s Mitts

Louisville Slugger’s Omaha Select Catcher’s Mitt is perfect for the younger player transitioning from youth softball to a higher and more competitive level.  Sized for youth who have essentially outgrown their mitts but who aren’t ready for adult sizing, the Omaha Select offers all the top-quality detailing of its more mature counterparts.

Constructed of oil-treated cowhide leather, this lightweight glove provides a superior feel and level of fit, comfort, and durability.  An inner Bruise-Gard padding affords shock-resistance for decreased levels of sting.

Also features dye-through lacing, conventional openback, and a professional-style web design for outstanding control.

Price $34.99 for left handed throw and right handed throw
Product Measurements 31”
Product Weight 1 pound


  • Affordable pricing
  • Perfect for transitioning youth ball players
  • Bruise-Gard padding
  • Oil-treated cowhide leather


  • Small size variations (+,- 1 inch) from manufacturer

3. Rawlings Player Preferred Catcher’s Mitt

Rawlings Player Preferred 32.5Constructed with intermediate and recreational players in mind, the Rawlings Player Preferred Catcher’s Mitt is a highly affordable option that offers a slew of highly desirable design elements.

The high-quality, full-grain oiled leather body of this glove facilitates shape-retention and affords players a quick and relatively easy breaking-in process that is calculated as 90% Factory/10% Player Break-In.

The patented hand adjustments and special back design on the Player Preferred gloveoffers an improved fit and higher levels of control for players.

Also, featuring a closed-style webbing, Conventional Flex Loop Back, and rawhide leather laces, this glove enables recreational players within a wide range of ages and skill levels to be game-ready for serious play.

Price $62.90 for left handed and right handed throw
Product Measurements 32.5”
Product Weight 1.1 pounds


  • Durable leather lace for high-performance play
  • Flex Loopback
  • Full-grain oiled leather body
  • Easy 90% Factory/10% Player breaking-in process
  • Closed-style webbing
  • Patented hand adjustments
  • Youth glove sizing


  • Glove size is slightly too large for youth with smaller hands

4. Mizuno Prospect Finch GXC28 Classic Pro Softball Youth Mitt

Mizuno GXC28 Classic Pro SoftThe Mizuno Prospect Finch Classic Pro is a bestselling youth mitt packed full of the kind of desirable features typically reserved for adult mitts.

Inspired by famed outfielder Jennie Finch, this hot-pink- accented glove features a full-grain leather palm, durable pigskin backing, and a butter-soft interior for ultimate comfort and feel. An MZO-lining provides perspiration resistance.

It featuresPowerClose technology for easy catching, Parashock Palm Pad for superior shock resistance, protection, and comfort, and PowerLock technology for a secure fit. This glove also gives players the ability to remove the last two lace loops on the webbing for increased flexibility in gameplay.

Price $44.95 for left handed throw and right handed throw
Product Measurements 12”
Product Weight .75 pound


  • Highly affordable youth option
  • Perfect for youth players aged 7-8
  • Full-grain leather palm and durable pigskin backing
  • MZO-lining for perspiration-resistance
  • PowerClose technology for easy catching
  • Parashock Palm Pad for superior shockresistance, protection, and comfort
  • PowerLock technology for a secure fit
  • Ability to remove lacing for ultimate flexibility


  • Designed for youth only

 5. Mizuno MVP Prime GXS50PF2 Women’s Fastpitch Softball Catcher’s Mitt

Mizuno MVP Prime GXS50PF2 34As of now, the Mizuno MVP Prime holds the designation as the top-selling mitt from Mizuno on Amazon.

Encompassing form and function, the MVP Prime features a center pocket design, a BioSoft leather body, V-Flex Notch, and a Parashock Palm Pad for impact control.

Specifically designed for the female softball player, the Mizuno MVP Prime is a glove with a smaller fit perfect for women’s hands.  It’s bold aesthetic features a black oiledleather body with tasteful gold trim.

Price $79.95 for left handed throw and $84.95 for right handed throw
Product Measurements 34”
Product Weight 1 pound


  • Professional-style smooth leather finish provides superior feel and control
  • Center pocket design pattern for optimum level of break-in
  • V-Flex notch with less hinge restriction for ease of opening/closing glove
  • Vertically laced heel with professional level lace
  • Power Lock for an exceptional fit
  • Parashock/Palm pad gives greater level of impact absorption for less sting


  • Glove is initially stiff and requires continuous use to break-in
  • Sizing is best for smaller-handed adults


No matter which mitt you decide to go with, you can rest assured that all the options reviewed above are high-quality and superior. Whether you are a right-handed or a left-handed player, you are sure to find the glove you need

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