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Top 10 Slowpitch Softball Gloves

1. Mizuno GPM1403 Utility Slowpitch Softball Glove

Mizuno GPM1403 Utility SlowpitchMade from a cow leather shell and pigskin leather support, the Mizuno GPM1403 is an enduring glove built for long-lasting ownership.

Featuring a utility pattern and arched Tartan web design, this 14” glove has cutting-edge built-in technology exemplified in its Parashock Palm Pad and  Powerlock Strap.

For optimum playability and customization, mesh inserts are available to create a light-weight glove that players can use to fit their individual needs best.

Price $61.95
Product Dimensions 5.5 x 7.5 x 11.5 inches
Product Weight 5.6 ounces


  • Parashock Palm Pad
  • Arched Tartan Web
  • Polyurethane Powerlock Strap for secure fit
  • Full Grain Leather Shell with Mesh inserts for lightweight playability
  • Open back design for a variety of hand sizes

2. Louisville Slugger Dynasty Slowpitch Outfielder’s Glove

Louisville Slugger Dynasty SlowpitchOne of Louisville Sluggers most affordable options, the Dynasty slowpitch outfielder’s glove is a bargain-hunters dream come true.

Top-quality details like premiumgrade cowhide leather and a full-grain leather web make this glove a go-to option for those looking for a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on quality.

All-leather laces in contrast colors make this a sturdy and stylish glove with long-lasting endurance and performance capabilities.

Price $40.00
Product Dimensions 54.1 x 34.6 x 12.6 inches
Product Weight 144 pounds


  • Full grain cowhide palm and web
  • Adjustable straps
  • Budget-friendly


  • Requires breaking-in process
  • Has to be built upside down and then flipped over
  • Finish on the legs peels off easily

3. Easton Salvo Mesh Series Slowpitch Softball Glove

Easton Salvo Mesh Series SlowpitchThis sporty slowpitch glove option from Easton features electric green embroidery upon an all-black monochromatic body with contrast white lace. The lack of all-weather materials makes this a significantly more affordable glove option for budget-conscious buyers.

There is an abundance of strategically placed mesh throughout the glove that provides lightweight playability for softball players.  Contrasting white nylon lace runs throughout the top of the glove and adds to the lightweight dynamic.

Packed full of top-notch features, this glove is a superb option for the player looking for a lighter weight glove with all the bells and whistles found on more traditional all-leather models.

Price $53.90
Product Dimensions 12.5 inches
Product Weight .9 pounds


  • 365 cowhide provides durability and structure
  • Strategically placed mesh provides flexibility and weight reduction
  • Double deep palm design is ideal for Softball
  • Wider and deeper pocket
  • Lock down wrist strap
  • Shock-absorbing palm padding


  • Lack of all-leather construction material can lead to degradation of glove over time
  • Fabric lace can break over time

4. DeMarini Diablo Baseball/Slow Pitch Glove

DeMarini Diablo Baseball Pitch GloveThe all-new DeMarini Diablo slowpitch softball glove is composed of exclusive ECCO leather.Providing game-improving performance and fit, this glove in unsurpassed in its top-notch quality and cutting-edge technology.

Providing game-improving performance and fit, this glove in unsurpassed in its top-notch quality and cutting-edge technology.

Be sure to check out the Sorbothane shock-absorbing palm which provides shock-resistance and lets you feel the ball but not any of the pain.

A Dri-Lex ultra-breathable wrist and back finger liningprovide moisture-resistant game-play by keeping your hand dry and cool.

Price $69.99
Product Dimensions 13 x 7.8 x 6 inches
Product Weight 1.2 pounds


  • Sorbothane shock-absorbing palm
  • Exclusive ECCO leather
  • Dri-Lex ultra-breathable wrist and back finger lining


  • Higher price point than competing glove brands

5. Miken KO Series Slowpitch Pro H Web Pattern Fielding Glove

Miken KO Series Slowpitch ProPart of the all-new Koalition Series line from Miken, the KO series Pro H gloves provides unsurpassed levels of comfort and luxurious feel for softball players of all skill levels.

Composed of a soft,full-grain leather shell pulled together by USA tanned leather laces, this glove is simultaneously durable, lightweight, and soft to the touch.

Designed with PORON XRD Technology, the KO series Pro H glove reduces ball impact and creates a virtually sting-free catching experience.

Price $106.89
Product Dimensions 13”
Product Weight 1.9 pounds


  • Sting-free catching experience
  • PORON XRD Technology
  • Pro H Web
  • USA Tanned Leather Laces
  • Unique red, white, and blue color scheme


  • Top of the spectrum pricing may prove to be cost-prohibitive for some buyers

6. Louisville Slugger FGSZBK5 Super Z Black Fielding Glove

Louisville Slugger FGSZBK5 SuperTheSuper Z Series from Louisville Slugger is described as being the first of its kind in slowpitch game-play.

High-tech details like unique Flare technology provides a 15% wider fielding surface vs. the traditional patterns found in other gloves.  Made of Professional-grade, oil-infusedleather; this glove also features extra-wide leather lacing for added strength and durability.

A desirable ultra-quick break-in design makes this glove perfect option for softball players looking for a performance glove they can use right away.

Price $123.96
Product Dimensions 13.5”
Product Weight Approximately 1.4 pounds


  • Professional-grade, oil-infused leather
  • Ultra quick break-in
  • Extra-wide lacing provides added strength
  • Dual cinch strap back and H web


  • Requires extensive breaking-in process
  • Higher price point; one of the more expensive slowpitch glove options on the market

7. Miken KO Series Slowpitch Throw Fielding Glove

Miken KO SeriesSimilar to the other KO Series glove from Miken on this list, this glove differs in its aesthetics.  While the other KO glove features a uniquely striking red, white, and blue color scheme, this glove option from Miken features a more subdued design that provides a timeless and classic look.

Traditional style embroidery emblazons the rear of the glove.  White contrast stitching highlights an all-black sheened leather body.

The Miken KO features a multitude of high-tech details such as PORON XRD technology, modified Trap-Eze (not found on the other Miken glove on this list), string-resistant and shock-absorbent glove pockets that let you feel the ball and none of the associated pain.

With its elegant looks and timeless appeal, the Miken KO series is a glove that you can use and appreciate for years to come.

Price $139.95
Product Dimensions 13.5 inches
Product Weight Approximately 1.2 pounds


  • Modified Trap-Eze web
  • Sting-free catching experience
  • PORON XRD Technology
  • USA tanned leather laces


  • Some inconsistent size variations from manufacturer
  • Requires extensive breaking-in process

8. Mizuno MVP GMVP1400S2 14″ Adult Outfield Slowpitch Softball Glove

Mizuno MVP GMVP1400S2 14The Mizuno MVP is a glove that is beloved by softball players worldwide.  With its closed-web woven design, it’s a natural choice for pitchers seeking a quality glove.

Featuring an abundance of design elements that are typically found on premium gloves used by professionals, the MVP offers softball enthusiasts the ability to perform at their topability with ease and confidence.

Constructed of only the best materials available, the Mizuno MVP features the same lace used in their professional-level glove options and a soft, pebbled Bio Throwback leather body.

An interior Ultra Soft Palm Liner provides luxuriously soft comfort and feel during game-play. For a glove that gives you game ready performance and long lasting durability, check out the Mizuno MVP at Amazon today.

Price $84.95
Product Dimensions 14”
Product Weight Approximately 1.1 pounds


  • Tartan-style web
  • Bio Throwback Leather for game-ready performance and long lasting durability
  • Ultra Soft Palm Liner for luxuriously soft feeling
  • Professional-level lace


  • Smaller fit may prove to be cumbersome for adults with larger hands

9. Mizuno MVP GMVP1300S2 13″ Adult Utility Slowpitch Softball Glove

Mizuno MVP GMVP1300S2 13Similar to the previous option shown on this list, this version of Mizuno’s MVP is built for outfielders.  With its open H-web design, the MVP enables players to confidently and accurately catch incoming balls.

The MVP GMVP1300S2 features all of the same design elements as the MVP GMVP1400S2.  While the former is made for fielding balls, the latter is made primarily for pitchers.

Top-quality design elements define the construction of both of these gloves.  The unbelievably soft and luxurious Ultra Soft Palm Liner and pebbled BioThrowback leather body make these gloves forces to be reckoned with in the highly competitive softball glove market.

Price $79.95
Product Dimensions 13”
Product Weight Approximately 1 pound


  • Open H-web design for fielders
  • Bio Throwback Leather for game-ready performance and long lasting durability
  • Ultra Soft Palm Liner for luxuriously soft feeling
  • Professional-level lace


  • Smaller fit may prove to be cumbersome for adults with larger hands

10. Wilson A360 Slowpitch Glove

Wilson A360 Slowpitch GloveAvailable in a 13” or 14” inch option, the Wilson A360 is a no-frills, all-business slowpitch glove that provides consistency, reliability, and performance.

Touted as the most versatile glove in the Wilson Slowpitch series, the A360 is a perennial favorite among many budget-conscious players who don’t want to compromise quality and function.

With attractive pricing ranging from $32.00 to$60.00, the Wilson A360 can be found on sale in different colors.  Available in both left handed and right handed throw options, this glove is an uncomplicated choice for get-up-and-go softball game-play.

Price $32.00-$60.00
Product Dimensions 13”-14.”
Product Weight Approximately 1.1 pounds


  • V-Lace web
  • Pro-tech padding


  • Fit can prove to be slightly too large for women with smaller hands

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